Dr. Lucie Germain, Professor

LOEX Tissue Engineering Research Center of Laval University

Dr. Lucie Germain is a specialist in regenerative medicine. Her work is dedicated to postnatal stem cells and the reconstruction of human tissues for experimental and clinical applications. Through her work with the LOEX team, she has discovered a new method of tissue engineering, the self-assembly approach, which she applied to create a bi-layered skin substitute. This substitute is very similar to native skin and allows for the preservation of stem cells, and can be used to reconstruct a human cornea, fulfilling one of the aims of translational research. Her work led to three clinical trials involving the application of engineered tissues produced in vitro to treat venous ulcers and severely burned patients, as well as to correct the limbal stem cell deficiency of the cornea. She also has directed two experimental studies on stem cell destruction around the follicle after photoepilation and 27 MHz electroepilation procedures on human skin biopsies.